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Phye Gan Pvt. Ltd. is a privately owned, Nepal based company with extensive ideas and innovation, established on 2016 with the objective of providing cost-effective and value-added IT solutions with focus on quality and effectiveness to translate the needs of customers into reliable products and software.    


It serves customers a wide range of IT solutions that help them meet their business requirements in reliable and cost-effective way.   Within a short span of time it has acquired renowned health organizations as its client and able to content them. Furthermore, it has acquired clients in other fields as well and serving them with specialized and customized applications.






Understand and analyze the requirements of the clients, ensure a transparent development process, react promptly to changes and deliver what they need.


Driven towards creating powerful, customizable, responsive, affordable and reliable products to generate corporeal results.


Integrate Biometric Attendace Devices, QR/Bracode Reader, QR/Barcode Printer with softwares for easy data access.


Work on finding the idea and values behind the business, their motives, audiences and provide end-to-end solutions so that they can get the desired results.


Enable to establish and grow online presence by providing secure and reliable domain registration & hosting for the business.


Send individual or mass web sms with our convenient messaging platform to your clients or users.

Our Products

Phye Gan Pvt. Ltd. has been developing web-based softwares and websites as per the requirement of its client which help client to solve their day-to-day problems more effectively and efficiently.

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Clinic Manager

Clinic Manager is Inland Revenue Department (IRD) approved online web-based software, providing s

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Cardiac Echo

Cardiac Echo software have been developed under close guidance and monitoring of Senior Cardiolog

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Pharmacy Plus

Pharmacy Plus is Inland Revenue Department (IRD) approved online web based software. It is s

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Medical Laboratory

Medical Laboratory software have been developed under close guidance and motoring of Senior Patho

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College ERP System

College ERP system is complete online web based integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system. A

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Hotel Management System

Hotel management system is a simple yet powerful web-based software designed to computerize all t

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Inventory Management System

An inventory management system is the combination of technology (hardware and software) and proce

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HR Management System

Human Resource Management System has become a crucial asset in almost every corporate environment

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Ultrasonography Reporting System

Ultrasonography software has been developed under close guidance and monitoring of Senior Radiolo

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